Conducting an engine emission test of a new excavator at client's workshop.

Conducting an engine emission test of a wood crusher at customer's work-site.

Conducting an engine emission test of a granite crusher at customer's work-site.

Off-Road Diesel Engine

ACNT Test Services is equipped with the latest test instrument and mobile lab equipment that are capable of facilitating the testing of Off-Road Diesel Engine (ORDE) emissions in any field environment, from suppliers' workshop to users' construction site or any port of call.

Off-road diesel engines includes auxiliary engines, construction equipment, forklift, generators, air compressors, airport equipment, seaport equipment and other heavy equipment.

ACNT Test Services is supported by a strong team of competent engineers and technicians led by Operations Director, Ms Ng Loon Ji, who is a pioneer in facilitating the set-up of ORDE test capabilities since the year 2000. The EPMA (Off-Road Diesel Engines) Regulations was enforced on the 1st July 2012.

ACNT Test Services is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 administered by the Singapore Accreditation Council and attained the recognition as an Accredited Testing Body for Off-road Diesel Engines and Source Emission Testing.

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