Our Mission

To be the leading Off-Road Diesel Engine Exhaust Emission Test Centre in ASEAN countries and beyond.


Our Vision

To build pathways creating the ultimate bond with business partners, off-road diesel engines suppliers and users enabling a smooth transition for our customers products Testing, Certification to Compliant acceptance and customer sales.


Our Philosophy

ACNT is committed to servicing our customers with integrity, trust, competency, and adding values enhancing the quality of our customers' products through creating an environment that embraces ACNT's core values. ACNT believes that People are the company's most valuable assets that are like meridian points keeping the pulses of the company business connected in harmony, steering the company towards a healthy and sustainable enterprise through, Professionalism, high Productivity, Perseverance in facing adversity and Passion to be a professional and profitable test centre. The 5-P is the company's core values.